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Baby Face Beauty

Skin like porcelain is no longer a dream with Baby Face Beauty, which is ambitious enough to offer solutions to specific problems such as improving fine lines, skin refinement, anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, skin softening, skin laxity, cleavage care and neck rejuvenation. When you look in the mirror you can see the tightened, revitalized, renewed, healthy skin with the Baby Face Beauty application.


How does it work?

We use many cosmetic products to look after our skin. However, it is important that they reach the lower layers of the skin in order to get maximum benefit from these products.

Baby Face Beauty is a skin care and regeneration application that enables the needed anti-ageing skin care products to reach the desired skin layer with the help of thulium laser technology with 1927nm wavelength. Depending on the skin, Thulium laser beams are applied on the skin’s surface to open approximately 6,000 micro-channels per minute on the surface of the skin with a very small diameter and vitamin A, vitamin C, Tranexamicacid, Resveratrol, Lasemd ampoules containing stem cells with nano particles are applied to the skin. All of the sera used in the Baby Face Beauty application are specially formulated in a clinical form and specific to the CDS system. It is available with a small number of contents to ensure the purity of the products.


Why Baby Face Beauty?

  • Short application time (10-15 minutes)
  • Does not require anesthesia because it is a pain and ache free procedure

Which Skins are applicable?

People who have not acquired the desired effect in their skin care and who do not want to go through the healing process of laser treatments, people who need to maintain the effect after laser treatments, people who do not want to experience such problems as large pores, bruises from vitamin injections, redness, who want a radiant and tight skin without going through a recovery process and who want long term protection for their skin against external factors can easily have this procedure done. The serums used in the treatment of ‘Baby Face Beauty’ are specially produced for the CDS system. They are available with a small number of contents to ensure the purity of the products. Forms are available for clinical use including growth factor, ascorbic acid, tranexamic acid, retinol and resveratrol.

How is the application done?

Specially prepared sera are determined for the ’Baby Face Beauty‘ protocol, which is determined according to the person’s skin need. Without the need of anesthesia and laser energy, micro-pulsed channels are opened to allow the product to pass to the sub-layers and then the prepared serum is applied.

Depending on the needs of the skin, 4 sessions are recommended. We would all like to have skin like a baby with 7-10 day intervals. Porcelain-like skin is almost everyone’s dream. Especially adults apply many treatments to capture this skin after their 30s. Although wrinkles are reduced and the skin tightened, what women want most is a long-lasting radiant effect. Aesthetics are used. According to the needs of the person, the advanced application can be done once per month. Daily life after the application can be continued. There is no recovery period in practice.

You will feel the effect of the results of the process in a few days, and you will realize that the effect increases as the repair and renewal process of your skin continues. ‘Baby Face Beauty’ is a good alternative to reach fast and tangible results in the beauty industry at this point for those who do not interrupt their current busy working life, who want to look good and who do not want to undergo a healing process.

The sessions

Baby Face Beauty is an alternative laser skin care application that can offer solutions to different skin problems as easy and advanced mode.

Baby Face Beauty Easy Mode is a primary stage classical skin care application that we recommend for those who undergo regular skin care, are over 35 years old, but want a change in their skin before a special day, to achieve radiance for matte skin with slight color irregularity and to tighten the pores. Easy mode is applied 4 times 1 time per week. After the application only short-term redness occurs, the person’s social life need not be interrupted.

Baby Face Beauty Advance Mode is the second stage improvement application where more microchannels are opened by applying colorants, regulators, anti-aging serums such as Tranexamicacid, Resveratrol, which correct dull skin with irregular spots, wrinkles and enlarged pores. It is applied 3-4 times per month depending on the needs of the skin. After the application in Advance Mode, there may be mild scabs in the skin and exfoliation during 4-5 days.



  • Pores become smaller and the skin tightens
  • The skin becomes radiant
    Fine lines are reduced
  • The skin is regenerated (anti-ageing care)
  • Spots and acne scars are regulated
  • Neck and cleavage are rejuvenated