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Cellulite with Acoustic Wave Treatment

Cellulite with Acoustic Wave Treatment

Shock Waves are acoustic waves characterized by high pressure amplitude. Despite their similarity to ultrasound waves, shock waves differ fundamentally from ultrasound waves in terms of their pressure amplitudes.

Ultrasound waves are stable and periodic waves that oscillate with constant wavelength. Shock waves are also characterized by a single and often positive pressure pulse.

Vibrations produced outside the body are emitted in the form of a sound wave when shock waves are applied. Energy is transferred to the area to be treated for the regeneration of subcutaneous tissue. The walls of the fat cells will be damaged during the treatment. The contents of these fat cells, the triglycerides, leave the tissues that they surround and are transported to the liver for excretion. This transport increases when plenty of water is consumed daily.


The Shock Wave method is used in areas with cellulite and regional lipoidosis.

What Is Cellulite?

Changes in skin tissue due to different reasons giving skin the ‘orange peel’ appearance is called cellulite. It is more common in women.

How to Treat Cellulite with Shock Waves?

Shock waves affect both the fibrous septa and the protrusions formed in the lower dermis, while the generated shock waves pass through the skin and fats, separating the fibrous septum from collagen to release the skin and thus provide a smoother surface.

Folds in the skin

At the same time the Shock Wave application helps to thicken the dermis and decrease fat lumps. Thickening of the dermis helps to decrease the fat layers protruding into the skin and also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Does the application have side effects?

Tingling, mild cramps (limbs) can be observed in the area after application or  a half-day diarrhea if the application targets the abdominal area.