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Forma Plus

Get a fit, youthful body with Forma Plus Advanced Body Shaping …

With the advance of age, the loss of collagen is the underlying problem of sagging skin, especially after 30 years of age. Skin sagging is not only encountered in the face area, but also throughout the body, especially in the arms, inner thighs, above the knee, back, abdomen, the midriff area. Sagging is not only caused by age, it is also triggered and accelerated by factors such as fast weight gain and loss, pregnancy and birth process for women. Furthermore, body firmness is lost by those with dry skin sooner than those with other skin types.

Forma Plus is an advanced focused radiofrequency application that provides improved body contouring with effective results in skin sagging.


How does Forma Plus Work?

The Forma Plus advanced focused radio frequency application uses radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen production and allows skin shaping. After the application, the body tightens, the skin becomes smoother and a more youthful skin structure is obtained. Forma Plus is a safe application that can be applied on all skin types and tones. It tightens the skin by reducing tissue inequality in sagged areas.

With the nozzle designed for the body,  the collagen fibers in the lower layers of the skin are heated in a controlled manner according to the protocol of the working principle of Forma Plus. Thus, the structure of the weakened, lengthened and thinning collagen tissue under the skin is changed by heating and the structure of the long lines are dissolved and shortened, wrinkles are improved and their depth is reduced.

In addition to shrinkage, the cells that produce heat under the skin called fibroblast are stimulated and new collagen tissue is formed over time. After Forma Plus advanced body shaping-oriented radiofrequency application, the part of the body where the application is made is shaped, wrinkles caused by sagging, folded skin is improved, tightened and a fit, tight appearance, smooth curves unfold. The incumbent feels tension and tightening in the skin during the application due to the applied temperature.

Forma Plus is a pain and ache free application which does not require a recovery period.

How many sessions are needed to see impact?

The number of sessions is determined according to the condition of the body area to be treated. 6-8 weeks of application is recommended. A slight redness may occur in the application area which will pass by itself within a few hours. The person can continue his / her daily life after the application. The application takes about 30-40 minutes in each region. However, the single session quick recovery process takes about an hour.

Forma Plus can be applied in combination with other body applications.