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Fraktora application

A more vibrant, radiant and firm skin is possible with Focused Radiofrequency application Fraktora …

There is no perfect skin but with the options offered by the medical aesthetic technologies, it is no longer a luxury to have radiant, tightened, wrinkle free, renewed, revitalized skin. In order to experience this luxury, you do not have to undergo many different applications. In today’s technologies, it is possible to find solutions to multiple skin problems with a single device. With this application, which takes only 20 minutes, Fraktora Focused Radiofrequency Application will get effective results from the first session under the motto of ‘Every skin has different problems’. However, the ideal procedure that can be recommended for the most common problem that we encounter, that we are asked about to solve the most sought-after skin problems with a single application, especially by working women who have limited time and do not want to stay at home after the application is the Focused Radiofrequency Application.


Problem 1: Spots, acne scars

Problem 2: Deterioration and sagging of the face oval

Problem 3: Loss of elasticity

Problem 4: Fine lines



What is Fraktora?

Fractora, Focused Radiofrequency Application, is a procedure that is effective in rejuvenating and regenerating the skin to reduce wrinkles, slow down sagging and deterioration of the face oval due to age and providing a more  youthful looking skin which is applied with a device. This procedure will make you look and feel younger. In this procedure, controlled energy is forwarded to the skin layers and many different skin problems such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, spots and acne scars are eliminated with personalized fractional energy. With the Focused Radiofrequency application, the energy intensity and level is adjusted to various depths to enable improvement of sagging caused by loss of elasticity in the face, cleavage, neck, even arms and legs. In Fractora, radiofrequency is combined with applications such as PRP, Salmon DNA, Mesotherapy to accelerate the controlled healing process of the destruction in the lower layers of the skin and to get maximum effect.


Fraktora Sessions

The number of sessions is decided according to the person’s skin problem. The number of sessions is usually around 4-6. The application is performed in 7-10 day intervals and is painless, enjoyable.

The effect is immediately visible and the skin becomes more youthful day by day with increased collagen production in the lower layers of the skin in which is controlled destruction is initiated. Redness, scabbing, bruising is rarely observed after the application and the incumbent’s life is not interrupted.