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Hair Mesotherapy

A skin renewal method, Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is one of the methods commonly used in different parts of our body for skin problems (especially cellulite and stretch marks) in the facial area, chin, cleavage and scalp, hair loss, thinning hair to heal, resuscitate and renew..

The aim of mesotherapy is to get more effective results by using serum, protein, growth hormone, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salmon DNA and hyaluronic acid in the middle layers of the skin. The contents of the product are selected specifically for the probe and injected under the skin with an injector. Can be applied with PRP to reduce the healing time of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy application areas

  • Cellulite and stretch marks in the body
    • Regional lipoidosis
  • In the facial area
    • For spots
    • For acne and pimple scars
    • Loss of elasticity
    • Sagging and loss of firmness
    • Sun damage
    • Visible signs of ageing
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Matte and lackluster skin
  • Revitalize the skin before summer
  • Jaw and cleavage
    • Marks, lines and wrinkles
    • For spots
  • In hairy skin
    • Hair loss
    • Revitalizing thinning roots and hair



Mesotherapy for body cellulite, regional lipoidosis and stretch marks

One of the most common methods used to treat cellulite, regional lipoidosis and stretch marks is mesotherapy.


The aim of mesotherapy applied for cellulite and regional lipoidosis is to accelerate blood circulation and to dissolve edema in connective tissue and prevent its formation. Again with mesotherapy, fats are fragmented, fat nodules are reduced. In this application, the products injected into the medium skin layer will accelerate the blood circulation, break down the fats and ultimately eliminate the ‘orange peel’ look that bothers people while regional lipoidosis will be eliminated as well. It is a pain and ache free applications. 8-12 sessions are required with 7-15 days intervals.

Mesotherapy is one of the preferred methods in the treatment of stretch mark caused by rapid weight gain and loss and during the growth period and pregnancy. In this application, the products that will stimulate the connective tissue, to provide renewal of the skin are injected under the skin in the area of the cracks with an injector. The number of sessions is determined on a case basis. 8-12 sessions are applicable with 7-15 day intervals..


Mild redness and bruising may occur after these applications.

The products selected for the problem area to receive mesotherapy in the face, chin and cleavage are injected into the lower layers of the skin with an injector to regenerate and revitalize the skin. It is a preferred method for the improvement of spots, acne and acne scars, color tone inequalities, loss of elasticity, signs of aging, sun damage and effective results are achieved. In addition, it is also applied to moisten dry skin to protect it from sun damage before being exposed to the sun in the summer. In other words, it can be applied both for improvement, treatment and protection. In fact, it is even used to treat age spots and lines on the hands. The number of sessions is decided according to the application area and the condition of the skin. Mesotherapy can be done by applying anesthetic cream according to the person’s pain threshold. The number of sessions varies between 4-6, but may increase according to the problem. Sessions should be repeated at intervals of 7-15 days


Hair mesotherapy

In hair mesotherapy, the aim is to strengthen the lifeless, thinning hair and to reach the embittered scalp hair follicles and support them with serum to generate hair growth. The serum contains protein, amino acid, growth factor, vitamins and it is injected with special needles in small doses and a special hair mesotherapy technique to reach the lower layers of the skin.

The sessions last approximately 25-45 minutes and the number of sessions can vary from 8 to 10 depending on the condition of the hair. Sessions are performed weekly or 15 day periods. The results of the application can be made more effective and permanent if reminder sessions are carried out every 6 months. Before application, a special anesthetic cream is applied to reduce the sensation of pain.