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Ice Laser

Ice Laser

A common problem of women is unwanted hair and unfortunately, a large part of the methods used to get rid of this hair only provide a smooth, clean look for a short period of time; the hair begins to emerge in less than one month. Unfortunately the old, mundane formulas that are preferred to say goodbye to unwanted hair with depilatory creams sold in the markets, waxing, razor blades is not a permanent solution. Unwanted body hair is not only a problem for women, it is also a problem for some men that can jeopardize their quality of life, reduce their comfort. In this article, I would like to talk about the new generation laser hair removal devices that have been developed with the latest technology and are applied safely in our clinics.


So why is the  ice laser not an alternative for you?

Are you still struggling to get rid of unwanted hair on a regular basis every month? The fight against unwanted hair always reminds me of Don Quixote’s struggle with the windmills. However, you can stop struggling endlessly to get rid of body hair. To date, have you shied away from depilation because it is painful, the sessions are long or devices did not see your hair? If your answer is ‘yes’, the laser depilation applications for which details are given below are exactly for you. Before the application, the type of laser to be used will be determined by your hair type and skin tone. When deciding to do laser hair removal, please do not focus on price, I recommend that you keep your health at the forefront. Do not consider procedures carried out for your beauty and skin independently from your health, you should prefer centers that abide with hygiene rules and which operate professionally under the supervision of a physician.


Ice laser depilation

If Soprano Ice Laser had to be described briefly, it would suffice to say ‘pain and ache free and comfortable’.

BuzLazer ™ Soprano Ice operates with diode laser technology and works with the principle of applying ice at the time of application of the nozzle on the body in order to get rid of unwanted hair without pain. The ice nozzle enables to burn the roots of unwanted hair during depilation by heating while the skin is cooled by the ice nozzle to minimize pain.

Ice laser depilation is used on all skin types and tones. Especially those who have a dark skin tone can bid farewell to their unwanted body hair with BuzLazer ™. BuzLazer ™ Soprano Ice can be applied to tanned skin in summer. Due to its ergonomic nozzle, we are able to use it comfortably in facial applications of our clients, and we also get effective results for unwanted hair over the eyebrows and ear hair that bother men.

You can get rid of your body hair in just 35 pain and ache free minutes of complete body depilation and you do not need a follow-up session. You can say goodbye to your unwanted hair permanently in six weeks with six sessions. However, I need to point out that the number of sessions may vary from person to person.

What is Satin laser depilation?

Another type of laser used in our clinics for our clients is the Satin Laser Alexandrite laser. This new generation laser is comfortable and painless. In the past, before laser hair removal, we would ask our clients to use a razor to remove hair instead of waxing. Satin laser has put an end to this, you can come to the sessions without using gel and a razor. The duration of the sessions is shorter because larger 20 mm tipped nozzles are used. Again, I want to underline that there is a perception that on average, eight sessions of laser hair removal is needed, however 5-6 sessions with satin laser hair removal will be enough to get rid of your hair.


Bleaching hair with Q switched laser

Another problem with hair is the fine hairs left after laser hair removal. However, sometimes used drugs, pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause fuzzy hair growth. In such cases, Q-switched laser is used as an alternative to bleach fuzz. After Q switched laser application, some hairs fall off while others become pale and invisible. It is a pain and ache free procedure, however the skin should be protected from the sun to prevent the forming of spots on the skin. It is easily applied to every skin tone and results are obtained, effective results are observed in 2-3 sessions. After the application you can continue your daily life provided that you protect your skin. I would like to point out that the winter time is the most suitable time for Q switched laser application.