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Satin Face Lift

The main reason for facial sagging is the decrease of moisture retention ability of the skin after the thirties and the loss of tissue. With the addition of environmental factors, genetic heritage and nutritional habits, women begin to look for answers to questions such as ‘how can I remedy this deterioration, sagging, loss of firmness?’ In recent years, face lift operations have started to be replaced by different alternatives. Elite Exilis is also an alternative solution to the sagging and deterioration of the face oval. The Exilis Elite Satin can also be applied to the face, chin and décolleté area with a special nozzle designed for the face.

How does the Exilis Elite Satin Face Lift with the Special Face Nozzle work?

The most important feature of the system is that it offers 2 different technologies together in a robust way. The energy of radiofrequency energy and the mechanical energy of ultrasound is applied simultaneously to connective tissue. The connective tissue heats up deep underneath the surface of the skin and triggers collagen production. In addition, elastin fibers that give elasticity to skin are also tightened.

A thermometer fitted on the nozzle constantly measures the temperature of the skin surface to keep it within a constant range of (39,5 – 42,5 ºC) during the procedure. An ultrasound and radiofrequency energy output control unit ensures that the desired temperature values are not exceeded. A cooler in the nozzle is in contact with the skin to cool the skin surface and protect its structure.

Exilis Elite Satin Body stretching is FDA approved.

A warm feeling occurs during application. However, the heat control system and special cooling feature minimizes the discomfort of heat and pain.

Satin Face Lift Seans

The number of sessions varies from 4 to 6 depending on the condition of the skin of the body. Session intervals are 7-14 days.