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Scizer Sonic

Scizer Sonic, high intensity focused ultrasound regional sliming and tightening

All the slimming and tightening devices actually work for the same specific problem, namely the elimination of regional lipoidosis. Although regional lipoidosis which has manifested for various reasons and cannot be resolved with exercise and diets is the most common problem among women, nowadays men also prefer to slim and tighten themselves with a device for regional excesses. Lipoidosis is mainly observed in the abdominal area, the back, waist circumference, inner thighs, buttocks, love handles and hips. We all hate fat, especially when we wear jeans. Scizer Sonic high intensity focused ultrasound device is an application that wages war on regional lipoidosis.


How does Scizer Sonic operate?

Scizer Sonic HIFU (High Intensity Focal Ultrasound) is a regional slimming, tightening, size reduction and body shaping application. Scizer Sonic, which works with high intensity focused ultrasound technology, acts directly on the fat cells and breaks and fragments them immediately with the help of high heat. Scizer Sonic protects the skin by creating a heat effect in the application area while at the same time cooling the skin surface and preventing heat increase. This is also a feature that allows the application to be pain and ache free. Scizer Sonic has the ability to select and target fat cells under the skin, thus it does not harm other tissues. Scizer Sonic is a device especially used for lipoidosis in the lumbar region and the sides.

Scizer Sonic can be safely applied in every area with a fat thickness of 2.5 cm such as the abdomen, arms, hips, buttocks, back love handle area – waist circumference, knees and inner thighs. After the application, the broken fat cells are excreted within 72 hours with the help of the urinary system. However, it is necessary to consume plenty of water for the elimination of the fat cells from the body. The results of the application start to appear clearly as of 10 days and the conclusive results are observed within 3 months