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Skin Renewal

CooLifting Gun at Lzrline Clinics with Pervin Dinçer

Beauty and aesthetic technologies are renewed day by day, new techniques and new devices are being used every day. a device that Pervin Dincer firsts popular in America again recently in Turkey “skin rejuvenation, renewal” application coolifting G’s “2018 hello,” he says.

What is CooLifting Gun?

I need to do something for my skin, but CooLifting painless, painless and very short-term application is suitable for those who say skin rejuvenation. With CooLifting, you can experience skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation with a device that you do not have to take a break from your social life after 5 minutes you can get fast, safe and effective results.

How does work?

CooLifting Gun is a device application that provides improvement in skin sagging, superficial lines and deep wrinkles, the effects of which can be observed permanently on the skin and rejuvenation.

The original “gun”, which is called a pistol, is sprayed with a low (cold) high pressure CO2 (carbon dioxide) on the skin, aiming to accelerate the blood microcirculation, and the vessels to expand. The cold pressure used during the process acts as a stimulator and conductor on the dermis. During this application, hyaluronic serums are sprayed on the skin and they are allowed to penetrate deeply by expanding veins.

The combination of high pressure CO 2 and hyaluronic acid at very low temperatures accelerates and increases the formation of collagen and elastin in the lower layers of the skin and further moistens the tissues. At the end of the application, the skin is renewed, the face oval is recovered, the appearance of superficial lines improves, the depth of deep wrinkles is reduced.

During application, the pressure and the degree of coldness are kept under constant control, so the application is very safe.

It can be applied 1 time to see a quick effect before special days or maximum effect when applied as 6 sessions.