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Slimming with Freezing – Cold Lipolysis

Does your silhouette in the mirror please you?

Non-surgical, non-anesthetic solution for regional lipoidosis, Slimming by Freezing and Shaping Cold Lipolysis …

Cold Lipolysis: regional lipoidosis is not only a problem encountered by women, it is also a problem frequently encountered in men with health related consequences as well as visual discomfort. Regional lipoidosis, which may affect the social life of a person in some cases is prominent in the belly, waist, knees and upper arms in women while it is more concentrated in the belly and waist regions of men. Regional lipoidosis is hidden under thick clothing in winter and solutions are usually sought with the approach of summer when the problem is manifested.
Fat cells are distributed throughout the body. Health problems, malnutrition, immobility, and genetic factors may cause the regional expansion of existing fat cells to increase in volume. Even diets under the supervision of experts, sports, exercise sometimes cannot resolve regional lipoidosis. In such cases, alternative methods and solutions are used to get rid of regional lipoidosis.

Cold Lipolysis

Cold Lipolysis is one of the comfortable and convenient methods to shape the body as an alternative to a body shaping operation that does not affect the life of the person, is painless and does not require anesthesia. Cold Lipolysis, which can be defined as an application that freezes the body into shape and slims, is currently very popular and the results make our clients happy.

What is Slimming by Freezing and Shaping Cold Lipolysis?

The Cold Lipolysis device is fitted with a special nozzle. A special gel and spray is applied to the application area that forms a thin layer to protect the skin from cold during the application. Elimination of regional lipoidosis is carried out by placing special nozzles in the targeted area. The nozzle cools the area where it is placed, the procedure is carried out without any discomfort or pain. Cold Lipolysis is applied for 30-60 minutes during which the fat layer under the skin is cooled in a controlled manner without damaging the skin causing fat cells to initiate a process of shrinking. Cold lipolysis is an application that is applied to areas where fat tissue is intense and effective results are obtained while the incumbent is able to carry on with his/her normal daily life. The best part about Cold Lipolysis is that while it melts away fat it also helps to improve the appearance of cellulite.
Cold Lipolysis is an application that is suitable for all men and women with regional lipoidosis in all parts of the body.

In the second stage of Cold Lipolysis, blood circulation is accelerated with an additional therapy method and the fat cells are eliminated from the body along with the discharge of water and edema. The application allows for a natural looking slimming and tightening simultaneously without aches and pain. The applied cooling ensures the shrinkage and irreversible loss of function of fat cells.
Cold Lipolysis sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes for each application, the person can read books, watch TV and listen to music during the application.

In cold lipolysis, the exposure of the fat cells to the cold allows them to self-destruct and an increased slimming of the fat layers takes place.

After the application, redness and a temporary feeling of itching-numbness occurs, however this is very temporary. Clear results can be observed within two to four months.