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What is Botox, how is it applied?

Although Botox has been used for many years for wrinkles and other skin problems, there are still some myths about how it works. When people see an artist or someone with a swollen face they will think that person has been treated with “botox”.  However, botox does not cause swelling of the face or lips. The application is a filler or fat injection application. I will explain where and how Botox is used, how it is applied, what are the side effects.

– Where is Botox used?
Botox can be used to treat the horizontal lines on the forehead, lines between the two eyebrows leading to a frowning appearance, in the lifting of the sides of both eyebrows, on the side of both eyes and in the lines and wrinkles giving the face an aging look (crow’s feet lines), the lines in the lower eyelid, to correct squinting, horizontal lines near the nasal root, lifting the tip of the nose,  the vertical lines on the upper and lower lips (smoking lines), in raising the corners of the lips, the horizontal lines between the lower lip and the jaw, make the jaw skin smoother as well as to treat excessive perspiration in the hands, feet, face and armpits and in the treatment of horizontal lines and vertical bands in the neck.

– How is it applied?

Botox substance is injected with very fine special injector tips from a few points into muscle.

– How long does the effect last?
The effect of botox starts 3-7 days after its application and continues for 3-6 months. The number of application and duration vary according to the person.

– Who applies it?
Botox is a method that must be applied by a profession doctor with training in this subject.

– Do Botox applications have side affects?
The application may cause a temporary headache. Sometimes, albeit rarely, drooping of the eyelid can be observed in erroneously applied injections usually to the forehead and around the eyes.

– What to look out for after a botox application?
The face can be washed immediately after a Botox application and any makeup product can be used. Injection areas should not be massaged for two days, especially when removing makeup, care should be taken not to rub the areas too much. Exercise programs such as aerobics, step should be interrupted for two days. It is very important not to dilute the drug used in botox applications too much. Among famous people who are alleged to have had botox applications are Burcu Esmersoy, Demet Akbağ, Seda Sayan, Hülya Avşar.